Adam Redmond & Emerson Hunt

Copywriter & Art Director

Accident & Emergency

Adam and Emerson are two oddballs fresh from Media Design School.

Emerson's a bright-eyed Art Director, straight out of high school, who treats his body like a temple and carries crystal rocks everywhere he goes.

Adam's an old soulless (ginger) Copywriter, with a crippling shisha addiction and a handful of learning disabilities.

But despite all their personality differences, they've proven that age is just a number and grown to love each other.

Or at least love working with each other...


Ad Students at Media Design School
2017 – 2017 Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Planner at DDB
June 2016 – August 2016 Auckland, New Zealand
Student at AUT
2013 – 2016 Auckland, New Zealand
Student at Pinehurst
A long time ago – Last year Auckland, New Zealand
Founder at
2012 – Present Auckland, New Zealand
Trampoline Salesman at Springfree Trampolines
2015 – Present Auckland, New Zealand


  • Juggling
  • All Nighters
  • Making Puns
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Running
  • Dog Sprinting
  • Synonyms
  • Making Lists


  • Adam makes a mean Shisha
  • Emerson brews a mean tea
  • Competitive Ouji-boarding


Fencing Captain, Parnell House, King’s College
Yellow Belt Judo, Some guy named Bobby
Most Improved Cricket Player, Michael’s Dad
Hancock Cup for Oral Excellence, Birkenhead Primary School